What does it mean to be a FEMINIST in 2016?

  • to believe men and women should be treated the same way, and boys should help women accomplish that

  • It means finding the courage to never stop building a more inclusive world

  • It means not being afraid to stand up for the rights and freedoms of half of humanity.

  • Fight for what is fair, make choices in freedom and not conform

  • It means recognizing the equality of the sexes, of fighting to keep society fair and equal to all regardless of what sex an individual was born as or identifies as.

  • To acknowledge the worldwide systemic oppression of women and girls, and fight for their empowerment.

  • It means valuing all human beings in the same way regardless of their physical appearance.

  • Freedom for all !!!

  • As a male feminist, it means to learn, listen, and try and do my part (as small as it may be) to help the movement.

  • To have the ability to be your authentic self.

  • Empowerment of women and to create inclusive and supportive space for all genders.

  • Believing in equal rights for everyone!

  • to believe in the political, economic and social equality of the genders – and to work to uphold this

  • to strive for equality for all genders.

  • Championing the voices of diverse, strong women everywhere!

  • to strive for equality for all genders.

  • being a feminist means that you believe in equal rights for everyone and are working to achieve this

  • Moving past the idea that feminists are anti-men and removing the stigma surround the term. Equality for everyone!

  • being a feminist means that you believe in equal rights for everyone and are working to achieve this

  • Being a feminist means that I support facilitating equal opportunities for women!

  • I am for the eguality between women and men in all the fields of the life.


  • To me, it’s loving myself in everyday; body, mind, soul. To love other women, wheat her family, friends or strangers. To only compete with myself, NOT with other women.

  • cause im 4 egality women/men at the all works and anti-sexist in the world society!!!

  • Respecting both genders as equal to one another and treating them as such.

  • Because I love people – and yes, women are people.

  • It means there is still work to be done

  • A feminist is someone who actions and words work towards elimination of all oppression, including gender, race, class, sexual identity, age and environmental oppression.

  • It is to make the whole world acknowledge that being a woman doesn’t diminish your knowledge, competence, contributions or opinions.

  • To make my own choices! To voice my opinion and be heard! To stand up for children, women, and men in need. To volunteer !!

  • It mean women look after them selves, regarding their job, their home, their money, their relationships, their friends, their hobbies, and fun, they do want they want

  • You can speak and everybody has to listen to you.

  • Standing up and speaking out, being bold and brazen, acting courageously and acting for equality for all!

  • To help level the playing field, to help clear up long standing misconceptions and to help reduce the harm that impacts half of our species unfairly.

  • not to be second to anyone, to realize I am as valuable and worthy as anyone

  • Yep. as an old man, who cannot tolerate the way that particularly the higher male echelons of society treat women, I am undoubtedly pro absolute female equality!

  • Being a feminist is to move past traditional gender roles and to support equality!

  • Not only believing in equality for all, but actively acknowledging & fighting for it – every day. It means abandoning the outdated stereotype that feminism is shameful.

  • Always treat someone how you want to be treated – regardless of gender.

  • Simple. Eqaulity

  • Being a feminist means doing anything and everyting a women wants to do!

  • Equality means equal pay for equal work sometimes this means that we all have to sacrifice to get there

  • it means more than just knocking down a few walls blocking the truth

  • Equality. On all levels, all fronts, all borders.

  • It means to recognise that the work of feminists, participating in many feminisms, will never be over.

  • To believe that gender has no bearing on aptitude, abilty or intelligence, strength or weakness, rights or freedoms, earning potential or career advancement.

  • Being a feminist means recognizing that women are as valuble as a man. We are different have different strengths but should be valued equally.

  • Never accepting that being a woman is a limitation.

  • Recognize that man and woman are equal and that we need one another to thrive.

  • Fighting sexism (both insidious and blatant) with diligent education.

  • Having control over my own body.

  • To stand up and make a change in the society to create equal opportunities for all

  • It means keeping a eye on your actions to ensure not only equality but equity in everything

  • It means using your voice and your privilege for those who are denied equality.

  • Being a strong female voice in a male dominated industry, and providing leadership for other women who want to join.

  • Kicking ass and taking names without looking over your shoulder

  • It means to remember how much work there still is to do in achieving equality by never forgetting what we have accomplished and what we didn’t have just a generation ago.

  • To be strong in your belief that everyone deserves to live with equal rights and dignity.

  • Building a life that feels right and good to me, without concern for society-defined rules for me because I am a woman.

  • I believe in equality for women and it’s time something was done about it.

  • To be strong in your belief that everyone deserves to live with equal rights and dignity.

  • It means being told, and truly knowing, that I can do anything my brothers can do

  • To live amongst each and everyone as equals.

  • It means doing what you want, when you want and how you want…without being told you can’t, because you’re a woman!!!!

  • It means calling out traditional assumptions, inappropriate remarks, challenging traditions and not apologizing for wanting men and women to be valued equally.

  • It means having the same rights as men, in the sense that you receive the same pay, respect and benefits for the same actions. It does not mean women become men.

  • It means that we see that the human race still hasn’t evolved enough to understand that we are all equal

  • valuing my male friends

  • It means having the ability to stand up for womens rights, and what you believe in. It is the ability to make sure you are heard, and stand up for equal rights.

  • It means furthing social justice and saving lives

  • Ideally, to fight inequality (both obvious and ambiguous) wherever you find it. A simple way to start is to just tell people that you are a feminist.

  • Believing in the idea that women and men don’t have to be confined to traditional gender roles.

  • Posséder mon corps, reconquête de ma vie! L’aventure de m’aimer. D’aimer mes filles et mes fils plus fort que la violence. Être rebelle d’oser la liberté!

  • To have the courage to speak out against gender inequality

  • It means that our differences should be celebrated, not condemned.

  • A feminist believes that women are equal to men in all spheres: social, political, domestic.

  • It means no longer thinking I haven’t worked hard enough or behaved well enough to deserve to be treated equally. Equality is not qualified or earned, it is inherent.

  • To believe that men and women are equals.

  • Equal rights, pay, opportunities, treatment for everyone, and the right to demand this for yourself and others where these equalities do not exist.

  • A feminist is someone who stands up for herself and others and challenges everything!

  • It means to love women, defend women, and empower women to maximize their endless potential.

  • Everybody’s equal. The end.

  • It means I get paid as much as my male peers

  • Being a feminist means challenging ourselves to treat everyone with kindness and respect and not letting others hold someone down because of some preconceived notion.

  • To not tolerate inequality and mistreatment of women

  • To have a voice, to be heard, to be seen as an equal to everyone else.

  • To stand together with men and women around the world demanding equality and human rights for everyone, because this isn’t a fight that women are fighting on our own

  • To be a voice for women and girls who are still unsafe and still do not have the power to decide what happens to their bodies

  • Believing in the idea that women and men don’t have to be confined to heteronormative gender roles.

  • Raising my son to value and respect women and girls, and the contributions we make to the world.

  • Standing up for all women in every situation. Being a mentor to young women especially my granddaughters.

  • Equal pay Equal rights for all

  • Is to be an independent woman ,who defends the right of choice an freedom

  • not only do I believe in the nessecity or value in equality, but I am not afraid to talk about it. or my period.

  • Fighting hyper sexualization of women in our society

  • Gender parity is no longer a news event, cause its 2016.

  • Being a feminist means I AM EQUAL to anyone, and I will continue to advocate for the rights of all people.

  • I celebrate all the women and girls in my life and in the world

  • Feminism is: Parity; A celebration of our differences; Respect of our autonomy; Love; Functionality; Responsibility; Growth.

  • Choosing, my life, my career, my status, my way to living love and family, because I can do it by my self.

  • To be a feminist is to use one’s relative power and privilege to make spaces and institutions more inclusive & challenge intolerance, inequality, injustice through action

  • Being a feminist means understanding that equality and equity are not the same thing.

  • It means that we believe in achieving gender justice between genders no matter which way you personally identify as.

  • ‘Being’ a feminist should be redundant by now. By now, women’s rights to equal opportunity should no longer be required in our vernacular, only in all of our doings.

  • Women’s Rights are Human Rights. I believe in Human Rights. I am a proud feminist.

  • I have been a feminist since 1967 because I believe you can only have a just society when men and women treat and respect each other as equals.

  • It means encouraging and defending equality, security and freedom for women all over the world.

  • Standing tall and actively supporting and advocating for women’s rights. If we truly believe in empowerment then let us embrace it and move forward together as one.

  • a feminist stands for equality – no matter your gender

  • It means being PROUD to be a feminist. It means realizing intersectionality and using the movement to benefit girls and women everywhere.

  • common sense !

  • Women for women. Let’s give a hand to girls to explore the world.

  • It means to commit to speaking up about inequality and taking action for change. It means making space for all voices.

  • Humanity be one – equal rights for all, irregardless of sex or sexual orientation. 🙂

  • I dare the world without HER. Respect her before it’s too late.

  • That individual abilities are free from the sex to which one belongs.

  • It means keeping the fight alive for the women who are still subjected to abuse and inequalities all over the world just because they are women

  • To care for the most vulnerable in our society. To advocate for necessary social and political change.

  • A feminist is a woman or man who regards women as equals in all things and who advocates for such equality..

  • Equality means fair judgment on all matters domestically. And sharing the financial Govt benefits with both parties regarding children.

  • Equality means fair judgment on all matters domestically. And sharing the financial Govt benefits with both parties regarding children.

  • Feminist should be a synonym for person. Everyone can and should believe in equality for all.

  • women empowerment

  • to believe and advocate for gender equality.

  • What it means to be a feminist is to acknowledge that although we are created differently, all humans were created to be equal; men and women alike

  • Equality of opportunity for all.

  • Being a feminist means believing and understanding the importance that gender plays in our day-to-day interactions. Women deserve equal access to serivces and employment.

  • It means no one needs to be restricted by gender based expectations

  • To acknowledge all forms of privilege and fight until they are nonexistent.

  • Not getting complacent about the gains women have made, and continuing to draw attention to real and persistent disadvantages that women face.

  • I have two daughters in a professional world, my hopes for them that they are given oportunities according to the capabilities and are treated with equality and fairness.

  • That ALL women have equal rights, in all parts of the world.

  • It means to stand for gender equity, and take action to help make it a reality.

  • Being a feminist means creating a space where everybody and every body can be safe, accepted, and celebrated.

  • Equality for all women and men, all races, cultures and ideologies. As a femist I strive to ensure my thoughts and actions do not holdback or hard another human being.

  • a suporter of equality based on gender

  • Standing with all feminists, not just friends and family, daughters and mothers, but every single one in the world that needs the same freedoms men have.

  • Equality. Feminism is voting for equality of all genders, in all aspects of life.

  • to be inclusive in the conversation of equity

  • In 2016 (and always) every woman should be able to realize her full potential, and be supported in so doing. Women’s humanity matters – it’s that simple!

  • It means to stand up against the oppression that both women and men face in the name of the patriarchy and demand equal rights and treatment.

  • To fight for what’s right and equal for everyone – man, woman; black, white; straight, gay or somewhere in between. It’s not just about women anymore.

  • Speaking out when young men & women are exploited but call it freedom of choice.

  • Being a feminist is to support and act to ensure that women and women-identified people have equal rights, equal protections, equal power to the privileged

  • It means thst women must take the stand that their security lies in the fight for the rights of all.

  • Speaking up for women who can’t, empowering them to make a stand and ensuring the gender pay gap is a thing of the past.

  • Being a feminist to me means recognizing and admitting that gender inequality does exist and trying to affect the change needed so that we are all truly equal.

  • Recognizing all forms of oppression intersect + advocating for decentering dominant culture to make space for all voices + advocating for equity and dignity for ALL.

  • Means not having to apologize for being the feminine gender. Knowing we have as much rights as a human beings on earth as any other and should feel safe in that position.

  • It means having choices…to keep or not keep your name.

  • Empowering women to choose their own path; removing the barriers and challenging the prejudices that stand in their way; and ending sexual violence.

  • Equality of the sexes. Not allowing society to dictate what it is to be a woman or a man.

  • Being a feminist means going to school and having the courage to compete with boys.

  • A feminist in 2016 is a man proud and supportive of women.

  • I am a feminist because I believe that we need to address systems and beliefs that promote inequality

  • To understand that our society is based on a gendered SYSTEM. A system that casts us from birth into rigid roless

  • Gender inequality is a problem we all have to fix. In Canada a national child care program would be a good start

  • Caring about how inequality affects us ALL, and what we can do to overcome all kinds of gender-based injustice!

  • It means calling out the bullshit to give women all the opportunities and safety and respect we deserve, to fix the world for my children.

  • I believe in equality.

  • Choice. Complete agency over every every aspect of my life and the respect for others’ choices, however different.

  • Being a feminist means recognizing current systemic inequality and being part of the solution to change it. #FeminismIsHumanisn

  • It means that we are all sisters together standing up for human rights of every woman on our planet.

  • If you believe that gender equity is way over due and you don’t understand why everybody isn’t on board with that, than you my friend are a feminist.

  • It means being committed to justice & equality for all people–building alternatives to sexist and other oppressive structures so we have equal opportunity to thrive.

  • Feeling empowered enough to take my space, to ask questions, acknowledge power issues and search for inclusive, respectful solutions.

  • Feminism is believing in equality, unanimously. This means striving to always respect each other as equals while celebrating our differences.

  • Recognizing the difference between the idea that we ARE equal in abstract terms, and the idea that we should be equal in concrete terms

  • Equality, respect, support in all things

  • Equality – plain & simple! That our daughters will have the same opportunities as our sons. That your sex has nothing to do with your brain or your ability.

  • #IamFeminist because I don’t want my daughter to be restricted because she is a girl

  • That men and women have equal rights and opportunities

  • It means to stand for gender equity, and take action to help make it a reality.

  • To question every institution that holds women back including our ecomonmic, legal, religious and family institutions.

  • Feminists inspire hope, and set an example of how to relate and connect with potential for kindness, creativity, and unconditional love, the stuff of real-life happiness.

  • To believe and to strive for equality and mutual support and respect between women and men, everywhere.

  • Recognizing injustices, and working to fix them. Making tomorrow better than yesterday.

  • To critique and call out subtle misogyny – refusing to smile for strange men on the street or put up with different treatment at work.

  • It means to balance living a full life pursuing your dreams with fighting along side men and women for new systems not rooted in patriarchy and corporatism!

  • For feminine qualities to have the same stature and value as masculine in the world.

  • To educate oneself about all prejudices and see that they’re always performed using ridicule, humiliation, exclusion and various levels of mental/emotional/physical harm.

  • Supporting women’s rights and getting out of the way so their voices can be heard!

  • It means justice, equality, inclusion, questioning fundamental assumptions. It means peace.


  • Enacting & living feminism in our daily lives. Putting feminist principles into practice.

  • Continuing to address men who speak or act patronizingly of women and be a role model for balanced masculinity, embracing both vulnerability and compassion.

  • Feeling empowered enough to take my space, to ask questions, acknowledge power issues and search for inclusive, respectful solutions.

  • Being a feminist means believing in equal rights for women. It means investing in the future. It means acknowledging that everyone deserves freedom and dignity.

  • My husband and I are feminists. We are raising our sons to be feminists. They do the dishes, put out garbage, vacuum. We live in the home & share responsibilities equally.

  • Being a feminist in 2016 means recognizing gender inequalities and shedding light on the issue

  • As a feminist, I believe in equal rights for women. We can do anything that men can do, so why can we not be treated as equals? Even in 2016, we are still not there yet.

  • To see a person as a person, beyond gender, race, and sexuality, to believe self empowerment in everyone.

  • Being a feminist means we must continue to remind employers that employment equity laws exist; being kind to one another with no thought of gender.

  • Because as a man I also benefit greatly from gender equality.

  • It’s continuing to advocate for change and awareness because two male co-executives at my company told me that my children would think our nanny was their mother.

  • always on top doesn’t matter what, higher pay less work and lower education, others open door and hold it for a feminist, more reserve seat on public transit no dirty words

  • Supporting, promoting equal rights, treatment, opportunity for women. Because it is necessary. Because we’re not there yet. Not even close.

  • Being a feminist in 2016 means having the freedom to honour, in my choices and actions, the wisdom of my intuition.

  • Feminism is my grandmother, mother, sister, aunt. And yours. It’s my grandfather, father, brother, uncle. And yours.

  • Feminism is when you are trying to negotiate a deal for your client in an old boys club, and one turns to you and says “you are one tough little lady” …Say what, it’s 2016.

  • 2016 is an exciting year for women, as time goes on more and more women have been stepping into leadership roles and challenging the glass ceiling.

  • Last year I found out a photographer friend got paid less than her colleague while they did the same gig together. She was female and he was male. So here’s hoping that in 2016 feminism is women and men getting paid the same thing.

  • Men not feeling threatened by how much I make.

  • Feminism looks like Taylor Swift’s speech at the Grammys; feminism looks like denial; feminism looks necessary; feminism is me writing to our principal to ask her to talk to the gym teacher who told my seven year old that boys are stronger than girls…

  • Feminism looks like the next female POTUS in 2016.

  • Feminism looks like female leadership in government, corporations, and homes.

  • Feminism is not only being a strong role model for young girls and women, but also young boys and men, so that we may raise a generation where gender inequity can truly become a thing of the past.

  • A Feminist PM.

We are Feminists.

Sekou, Toronto

I'm a Feminist.

"As a culture we must learn to celebrate strong role models for young girls. We live in a society that places far more value on a woman's appearance than on her intellect. I look forward to a day where television, music, film and publications directed at females focuses less on an airbrushed ideal, and more on the gender's accomplishments and positive influence in our world."
Alberto and family
Alberto and family, Cuba

I'm a Feminist.

"We have been sharing work before, but now more than ever because of workshops from Oxfam and the cooperative. We have meetings where many families got together to discuss and talk about experiences and attitudes between men and women. This has brought couples in the community closer, and we know that to be successful you need to be equal, to work together and cooperate."
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Ottawa

I'm a Feminist.

"We shouldn’t be afraid of the word feminist. Men and women should use it to describe themselves anytime they want."
Latest Tweets
Regina, Russia

I'm a Feminist.

"Being a feminist in 2016 means being vocal and active for a positive social, economic and political change. Because feminism is about support - support of equality, support of diversity, support of beauty and of course a celebration of all these things.  And who doesn't like a celebration?"
Elizabeth May
Elizabeth May, Leader of the Green Party

I'm a Feminist.

"A feminist is a human being supporting equal rights/human rights. A feminist in 2016 is an active citizen."
Peter & David
Peter & David, Burlington

I'm a Feminist.

"Equality is for everyone."
Ahlem, Tunisia

I'm a Feminist.

"I had rights that I wasn’t aware of, I had things that I wanted to achieve and I didn’t know how. We are ready to fight for our rights; we want our voices to be heard!"
Felicito, Philippines

I'm a Feminist.

"Thank you to all the donors, especially Oxfam because this sawmill project has helped us a lot. It has empowered the men and women in our community and has helped them become more self-reliant."
Tom Mulcair
Tom Mulcair, Leader of the New Democratic Party

I'm a Feminist.

"I'm a proud feminist because I want my grandkids and all children to grow up in a world where their safety and successes don't depend on gender."
Greg, Winnipeg

I'm a Feminist.

"It's time men start calling other men out on misogynistic behaviour instead of expecting women to work harder to avoid that behaviour. It's also time for all men to stand up and challenge the patriarchal systems in place that suppress womens' rights and liberties instead of basking in male privilege citing systemic issues as the cause. And, because it's 2016"
Haiyati, Indonesia

I'm a Feminist.

"It was not common for women to be leading activities here, especially speaking publicly and making changes in the community. But with the support of the village chief and the skills we learned in the field training schools we were able to educate people on climate change and the mangroves. Now they understand that what we are doing is important and good for everyone, and we are confident in ourselves that we can make a difference for Tenekeke."
Rona Ambrose
Rona Ambrose, Interim Leader of the Conservative Party

I'm a Feminist.

"I am proud to be a feminist and one of few women who have lead a national party in Canada. I was born here but grew up in third world countries. I saw what it meant to be a woman with no rights. I am proud I helped create the International Day of the Girl, championed equal marital rights for aboriginal women and created a 100 Million/10 year program to end family violence."
Village member
Village member, Tanzania

I'm a Feminist.

"Women and girls used to be inferior to men, in Maasai culture, and their contributions were not taken seriously. Now women are leaders, and they can teach men."
Brick, Toronto

I'm a Feminist.

"Despite how far we've come, we still have a long way to go. And nothing is more indicative of this than being referred to as kiddo or sweetie in a professional environment."
Candice, Ottawa

I'm a Feminist.

"Being a feminist in 2016 means having the freedom to honour, in my choices and actions, the wisdom of my intuition."


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Why are we talking about this?

The fight for women’s rights isn’t over. A recent report by Oxfam Canada proves that there is still a lot of work to be done both locally and globally. Sadly, to this day, being a woman means you are more likely to be poor, to experience violence and to be affected first and most in situations of economic and environmental crisis. Learn the facts and help change the conversation.


of Canada’s
100 highest-paid
are women.


of single
mothers in
Canada live
in poverty.


is what a full-time
female employee
makes for every
dollar a man earns.


of minimum
wage earners
in Canada
are women.


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